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For many people owning a dog, and dealing with todays busy work/life balance is difficult. 

Having time to offer the love, and attention every dog deserves and needs is not always easy.  

We appreciate many people would love to own a dog but feel it is unkind to leave their dogs alone all day. 

At Wuff Wuff Walkies we  provide that personal service and care, where your dog is treated as part of the family, enjoying plenty of social interaction, play and a good walk with plenty of smells to sniff.

When your dog is with us, you can be assured they will be having a great time. 

We collect your best friend from your home and take them out for an exciting and stimulating walk, having exclusive use of one of the dog walking field at Ryecroft Meadow in Gresford. We return them back clean (hopefully if its not too muddy!) and towel dry. 

What are the benefits of walking your dog in a secure field?

(with exclusive use during our walks)

Did you know, (The Sunday Times August 29th 2021) that '3.2 million pets have been bought during lockdown. A rise in antisocial behaviour by badly trained dogs has led to a generation of anxious dogs and owners. Dogs who do not respond to recall are also better off in a secure field. Fear of dognappers is also fuelling demand, as well as  a preference for social distancing.' A good site such as Ryecroft Meadow, will have a dog poo bin for easy disposal, fresh water and bowls to keep your dog hydrated as well as the opportunity to have a splash about and cool off when the weather is warmer. They also have a well stocked first aid kit in each field and as slots are pre booked we won't encounter other dogs, the previous dogs having vacated the field before we enter. All ensuring a safe and secure but most of all - a fun walk for your dog and peace of mind for you.

Wuff Wuff Walkies

Walking your best friend when you can't

Leave it to us to ensure your dog gets their daily fun walk whilst you're busy.... 

All our walks are for 1 hour with a maximum of 4 dogs. Dogs will be kept on their leads unless otherwise agreed with you.

Drop off and pick up service

We collect your dog from home and take them to our walk location, then when they are tired out after their fun walk we clean and towel dry before returning them home.

Book and Pay

Cash or bank transfers accepted.

Meet In-Person

We like to come out and meet you and your dog in person, explain our services and get necessary paperwork completed before we start walking your dog. (These meetings are free of charge)

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